Game Crashes - Some Common Causes

Game crashes can come from a variety of things and are sometimes difficult to track down because the cause of the crash is sometimes limited to a single players computer and doesn't affect anyone else. Here are a few causes that we have encountered over the years and are an excellent place to start when trying to determine the cause of the crash. There are other possibilities as the cause of a crash that are not in this article. - Mods. Perhaps the most common cause of a crash is a conflict between the game and a mod. If you are experiencing crashes and have mods installed the first thing to try is to move the mod folder to another place on your computer. If this stops the crashes and you would like yo have the mods installed return the mods to the mod folder one mod at time until you get to the mod that was causing the conflict and delete that one. - Video card. Video cards are another common cause of crashes. Make sure that your video card drivers are up to date. If your computer has a dedicated card, like a GeForce card, AND an Intel integrated card set your dedicated card so that it is running the game and not the Intel card. Consult your video card's documentation for instructions on changing the settings. - Sound Program. This is a very unusual cause of crashes and one of the hardest to solve. We have found some players that experience crashes had sound related programs running in the background that not only were they not aware that the programs were running but in most cases didn't know the programs were on their computers! Here is a list of a few that we have discovered: Realtek HD Audio Manger Asus ROG Sonic Studio Nahimic Sonic Suite II RivaTuner AI Suite 3 Even if you don't have one of these you may have a program that is similar. Also, some people have the programs above running on their computers without having any crashes.