209 Fingerprint Mismatch error message when launching the game

209 fingerprint mismatch error message when re-activating the game appears when there has been a (usually major) change* has been to the computer that the game is installed on. When a game is activated a match between the game and the computer is created. When launching the game if the computer has changed significantly enough the anti-piracy software believes that it may have been copied onto a different computer and generates the 209 fingerprint mismatch error. If you experience this error submit a ticket to the Help Desk. We will send you a "tool" that reset the game's license state so that new match can be created. *Changes in a computer that trigger this can be different for different people. Some examples are: New operating system, new hard drive, new motherboard. In some cases it can result from a series of smaller changes such as updated drivers, headphone or speaker installation, etc.