Trouble shooting licensing problems with Combat Mission

Installation and licensing of Combat Mission usually is a smooth process, but sometimes that is not the case. Unfortunately, the cause of the problem may not be obvious to either you or to us, which may result in time spent on the wrong remedy. While it is impossible to completely avoid unproductive trouble shooting, it is certainly possible to reduce it. This article is designed to help do that. In order for you to successfully license Combat Mission you must first have a correct installation of the game. Therefore, the first thing to do is make sure you have everything installed as the game expects. Three common problems can get in the way of a successful installation: 1- Some anti-virus programs, in particular Avast!, interfere with the installation process by "quarantining" parts of CM. To avoid this we strongly recommend turning off all anti-virus software before running the installer. 2- For games with different Modules/Packs, an installation out of order may result in older files being mixed with newer ones. Sometimes the game will still license (but produce ingame errors), other times it will not. Make sure to follow the installation instructions for your game and double check that you have installed the latest patches. Installation mistakes for CMBN are common due to the large number of versions and additional content that has been released in the last four years. There's two different sets of instructions depending on the version and time of purchase: 3- Under some unknown set of circumstances decompression programs, such as WinZIP and WinRAR, skip files when decompressing. That results in the CM installer not having access to files that it expects are present. This seems to be Windows only problem and there is *no* notification given to the user and therefore no obvious sign that something is wrong. You can double check to make sure everything extracted to your harddrive correctly by opening the compressed archive (downloaded or on a DVD) and comparing its contents to the temporary installation folder you used to install the game. If there is something missing then you can manually extract the missing file/s, add it to your installation folder, then install again. The other option is to delete your temporary installation folder and try extracting using a different program. Customers who have experienced this problem have found that Bandizip seems to work very well: ---- If after these steps you still can not license successfully, you should file a ticket with the Help Desk. Make sure to include a brief description of what you have done so far, the specific game you're trying to license, the version number, and all license keys associated with it. We will usually respond within 24 hours with a solution that is specific to your needs.