MacOS Combat Mission won't launch or shows only a black screen

Conditions can arise during installation where Apple's installer and the MacOS do not properly set Permissions for Combat Mission. The result is the OS does not allow Combat Mission to fully run or even launch for security reasons. The two most common symptoms are: 1. When the game is launched there is the standard "zoom" animation but nothing happens and the game is definitely not running. 2. The game launches normally, and is running, but there is nothing but a black screen with absolutely nothing showing (note there is a similar symptom, but it isn't 100% black. Check this article What you need to do is trick the OS into reconfiguring the permissions. The way to this may sound a bit odd, but it makes sense from the OS perspective and that really is all that matters! 1. Move the Combat Mission application outside of its folder. Anywhere will work. 2. Select the application and the Copy command. 3. With the Combat Mission folder selected use the Paste command to create a new application in the folder. 4. Launch the newly created application and verify that it is working correctly. 5. Delete the original application that is outside the Combat Mission folder. It is no longer needed and therefore takes up significant harddrive space for no reason. There are several other methods that will work, but the above is the most straight forward and "foolproof" way. If you do the above and it doesn't work, then there is likely something else wrong and you should file a Ticket with the Help Desk.
Published on: 2015-02-05