CMBN Vehicle Pack - new activation instructions!

Starting with the CMBN Vehicle Pack, we're updating our copy protection and product activation system. The way how you install and activate the game is slightly different than what you may be used to from our previous releases. **Unlike previous releases, it requires you to reactivate your base game (v3.0), and all other modules (if you have any) when you launch it for the first time.** Start by launching the game normally (e.g. doubleclick). You will be prompted to re-activate your game. **No worries, this is not going to use up an activation.** a) Please find your CMBN Engine Upgrade v3.00 license key that you received when you purchased the Upgrade. Repeat: you need the v3.00 Upgrade key. Keys from v1.00 or v2.00 won’t work. *(you can find the key in your online account at or, for mail only deliveries, printed on a label on the game. Look for the SKU codes CBNU-3P or CBNU-3M)* b) make sure the computer on which you have the game installed has an active online connection to the internet c) click “Enter Serial” in the product activation dialog window d) enter your v3.0 license key into the correct field. e) hit the “Activate” button and wait a few seconds while your license authorizes. f) this activates your base game. If you launch the game now, it is going to show you the base v3.00 install without any modules and without the Vehicle Pack. g) now you need to activate the Pack as well as any other modules you may have. To do so, you need to use the “Activate Modules” shortcut link to bring up the activation interface again. If you opted to not have it created on your desktop or deleted it from there, then you can find the link in (PC) your Start menu under **Start > Programs > Battlefront > Combat Mission Battle for Normandy**, or (Mac) in the **Documents** folder of the application. h) repeat the above procedure for any module you may have, as well as for the Vehicle Pack itself. You will need the following license keys: - for the Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden Modules, you need a license key from when you purchased said module, including as part of a bundle (for example, the Big Bundle, CMBN + Commonwealth Bundle, Commonwealth + 3.0 + Market Garden Bundle, and so on) - for the Vehicle Pack, use the same key you used to download the Pack Here is a list of valid SKUs from previous purchases: - CBNU-3P, CBNU-3M = 3.0 Base Game Engine - CBN1-MC, CBN1-PC, CBNC-PC, CBNC-MC = Commonwealth Forces module - CBN3-PC, CBN3-MC = Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden Modules - CBN4-PC, CBN4-MC = 3.0 Base Game Engine, Commonwealth Forces, and Market Garden modules - CBNM-PC, CBNM-MC, CBN2-PC, CBN2-MC = Market Garden module