Crash dump file generated and the game doesn't launch on laptop (Intel integrated video / Nvidia))

If you try to run the game on a laptop with an integrated Intel video card, and the game doesn't launch but instead crashes and creates a .dmp file, then most likely the error is being generated by the game attempting to run on the Intel integrated video rather than the Nvidia GT 650M 'discrete' video chip. While CM should be able to run on some of the newest Intel integrated video chips, a number of the drivers can cause crashing.

Unfortunately laptops are often restricted to using the drivers that the laptop manufacturer provides (rather than what Intel generically provides), and this results in drivers that can be buggy and cannot be updated.

You can attempt to force the game to run on the Nvidia by creating a 'profile' for the game within the Nvidia Control Panel (within the Control Panel for Windows). Within the Nvidia Control Panel go to the '3D Settings' section and then the 'Manage 3D Settings'. Click on the 'Program Settings' tab in the right pane and then click the 'Add' button and browse for the main game executable. You can customize the settings for your CM game to whatever you want. You will need to do this for each of your CM games (a separate entry for each).

Hopefully with this profile the games will now run on the Nvidia GPU rather than the Intel one.