Problem Event Name: BEX

(Note: This article has been submitted by a user. It is confirmed to work under Windows 7). elicen40.dll is crossing a threshold it has no 'clearance' for so Windows terminates it. It's like a level 4 agent trying to access level 7 agent data. To allow it to do what it needs to do here is what I did. - Install CMSF under C:/Users//My Documents/Battlefront/ - After install right click on elicen40.dll - Click Properties - Click the Security tab - Click Advanced. It's on the bottom of the window. You'll see a list of Permission Entries. First column says 'Type'. Second column says 'Name'. Third column says 'Permission'. Fourth column says 'Inherited From'. On mine the entry I needed says "HomeUsers (\HomeUsers"). It should say Read & Execute in the Permissions column. In the 'Inherited From' column mine says C:\Users\\Documents. Highlight that entry by left clicking it. You installed CMSF in C:\Users\\Documents, right? - At the bottom of the window click Change Permissions. - At the bottom of the next window click Edit. - You'll get another window. Under the Allow column put a check mark in the Full control tick box. Click OK. - In the Permissions window click Apply. - There should now be a new permissions entry giving elicen40.dll a permissions of Full control. Click Apply if it's available. Otherwise just click OK. - In the Properties box click Apply if available, otherwise click OK. - Back out of all the windows. - Right click CMSF.exe, run as admin, just for good measure. OR. You can also open the Properties window for CMSF.exe and, at the bottom of the Compatibility tab, put a check mark in the 'Run as administrator' check box so you don't have to continually right click when you start the game. - After the game has been licensed and the user has seen that it runs remove permissions for elicense40.dll.
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