I have trouble logging in!

Here is a list of the most common login gotchas: 1) keep in mind that the various logins (forum login, main site/store/Repo login, and helpdesk login) are **not** connected. You need a **separate** login for each site. The forum login won't work for the main site and vice versa. 2) for the main site, you can retrieve your login at www.battlefront.com/lostpw. You will get an email with a new password and your username in the same email. The username is listed as "User account" in the email. **It is limited to 25 characters!** 3) for the forum, see www.battlefront.com/community/faq.php for how to retrieve your forum login, as well as a login bug for some browsers (where it may appear that you are not logged in, but you really are - you just need to refresh your browser window) and a workaround. 4) for the helpdesk, use the "forgot your login?" link at battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com. Keep in mind that your old login from the previous helpdesk software does not work here. 5) check for possible browser issues: make sure your browser allows "cookies", and if you are using Internet Explore, change the Compatibility settings.
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