Unable to load "...\rt\jetrt\XKRN50091.dll"

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 1 Mission Pack **Problem:** After installing the Mission Pack, the game crashes because it is unable to load "...\rt\jetrt\XKRN50091.dll". **Solution #1:** For those people the have the Battlefront.com or Kalypso Media version of Theatre of War installed, if after you install this Mission Pack, the game crashes with an error that says it was unable to load the "...\rt\jetrt\XKRN50091.dll" then you have NOT already patched your game to the proper level. You will need to first install the "All Inclusive Uber Patch" for your game version. After you install the "Uber" patch, you can then install this Mission Pack. **Solution #2:** Check to make sure you have installed the Mission Pack INTO your existing Theatre of War game folder. Please review the Install Location Note above for more info on where the Mission Pack needs to be installed.
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