Mission Pack Install Location Note (TOW)

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 1 Mission Pack INSTALL LOCATION NOTE: PLEASE READ!!!!!!!! The Theatre of War Mission Pack MUST be installed into the same location as your current copy of Theatre of War. The default location will vary depending on where and from whom you originally purchased the game. For versions bought directly from Battlefront.com online OR from retail locations in the US (CDV Software Entertainment version) the Mission Pack installer should be able to automatically determine the location for you, HOWEVER, for versions of the game on sale by Kalypso Media (for example sold in Europe) you will need to manually enter the proper location of the game when prompted on the next screen. For example, if you had Theatre of War installed into the location "C:\Program Files\Kalypso\Theatre of War" you would need to verify (or enter) that install destination field listed EXACTLY as this, "C:\Program Files\Kalypso\Theatre of War" and NOT something like the following which has an extra folder name at the end, "C:\Program Files\Kalypso\Theatre of War\Theatre of War". If you use the Browser function to locate your existing Theatre of War folder, be careful to ensure your listed destination location doesn't have an extra "Theatre of War" directory name added to the end as in the example above.
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