When I launch the game, the screen becomes inverted

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 1 We have seen this occur on systems that have monitors that can pivot as well as some laptop displays. Usually removing the software that allows the monitor to pivot will resolve the inverted image issue but for those people where removal of that software is not possible or desired you can try the following workaround fix: In the game installation folder, find the file ww.ini. Open it with any text editor (notepad will do). Find the following line (some values may be slightly different): *window=(changeScreenRes=true,colourBits=32,depthBi ts=24,drawIfNotFocused=false,enableClose=false,ena bleResize=false,fullScreen=true,height=768,stencil Bits=8,width=1024,posx=0,posy= 0)* Change values for "changeScreenRes" and "fullScreen" to false, as such: *window=(changeScreenRes=false,colourBits=32,depthB its=24,drawIfNotFocused=false,enableClose=false,en ableResize=false,fullScreen=false,height=768,stenc ilBits=8,width=1024,posx=0,pos y=0)* If you also get the inverted screen when you launch the game editor, make the same edits to the *bldwin.ini* file.
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