When I launch TOW I get an "Runtime 3" error (sometimes also called "trap -3")

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 1 This is a very generic error message which can have a whole range of causes. Below is a comprehensive list of possible solutions. Some may, some may not, apply to your specific situation. First off, make sure you have the latest game version installed. If you purchased the game in a US retail store location (CDV retail version), then you should already have the very latest version and will not need to download and install any patch. If however, you bought the game directly from Battlefront.com online, then you should download and install the "Uber Patch" which you can find here. If you own a European retail version, you will need to check with the local distributor/publisher for the latest version. If you have recently changed your video card (i.e. installed a new one) and this error pops up, please try deleting the various config files that the game creates for the video and sound settings. The config files are stored in the "users" folder and are called 'video.ini' and 'sound.ini. Please delete those two files and then run the "ToWsetup.exe" file from within your Theatre of War game folder. This will allow you to reset your graphics and sound settings. If that does not work, go back into your Theatre of War game folder and this time delete the entire "users" folder. Rerun to Wsetup.exe and again configure the game to the settings you wish. If this still does not work, then please continue to the other steps below. The following are other steps to try. #1. Obviously make sure you have the very latest video, sound and DirectX software installed on your computer. Here are links for some of these files. For Nvidia Video Cards, go here for the latest drivers For ATI Video Cards, go here for the latest drivers For the latest version of Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (April 2007 update), go here #2. For those with newer Nvidia cards (and possibly older ones as well), some people have had success by selecting "Extension Limit" to OFF in their Nvidia control panel. This option only seems to appear in the newest Nvidia drivers and for certain video cards. #3. In addition to the Extension Limit setting, some people have reported performance increases can also occur by setting the "Threaded optimization" to OFF and Triple Buffering to ON for Nvidia cards. Your results may vary. #4. Make sure your video card is powerful enough to run the game. In recent days the developer 1C has provided new information on what video cards and chipset's WILL and WILL NOT work with Theatre of War. If you have the following video chipset/card, the game will NOT WORK. Mobile Intel(R) 900, 915, 925, 945GM/GU, 965 Express Chipset Family Nvidia GF440MX and earlier Nvidia GeForce 5600 and earlier ATI Radeon 9550 and earlier #5. If your video card does not fall into the list above, but the game still isn't launching make sure you video chipset/card fully supports Shaders v2. That is also a requirement to run the game. Check with your video chip/card documentation to find out that info. #6. For those people with Vista, be sure and Right-Click on the desktop shortcut your using to launch the game and select the "Run as Administrator..." option. #7. There may be a conflict with the codec needed to run the intro movie. You can either reinstall the codec itself (the file is called "wmv9VCMsetup.exe" and is located in the "codec" folder of your game), or you can simply rename the file title.avi (also located in your game folder) to something else (for example title.bak). That will cause the game to skip trying to play the movie. #8. Some people have been able to get their game to launch by adjusting their Antistrophic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing settings in their video card control panel to "Application Preference", please consult your video cards docs to learn how to do that. #9. If you have a dual display currently configured on your computer, disable the secondary monitor and see if that allows the game to launch. #10. If you have an AMD manufactured CPU, please make sure that you have the latest driver for your CPU from www.amd.com #11. If nothing else helps and you have tried all of the possible solutions above, please located the log.lst file in your game directory directly after the crash, and submit a ticket at the www.battlefront.com/helpdesk with the log attached. This may give us a better idea of what specific issue is causing this error for you.
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