How to stop the "pausing" feature in the game when you take casualties?

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 2 Some people have asked how to stop the "Auto Pause" feature in the game that occurs whenever your forces take casualties. This option is not currently listed in the games "Settings" panel, but there are two ways to adjust it. The easiest way is to run the ToW-2 configuration program which is called "options.exe" and can be found in the games folder on your computer or in the "Battlefront\Theatre of War 2", Start Menu Program Group under the shortcut called "Configure Theatre of War 2". Once that program comes up, uncheck the box called "Smart pause", then click the OK button to exit the program. Some Vista users have noticed that for some reason, this configuration program will not launch (we are investigating this issue but it's probably related to User Access Control settings in Vista). If this program will not come up, you can manually make the change by editing the game.ini file located inside the "users" subdirectory. To do this, please follow the steps below: - Launch the game as normal. Now, from the Main Menu, click on the SETTINGS button. Make a change, it doesn't matter what it is, and then click the APPLY button. Now exit the game. - Browse back into the "users" folder located in your Theatre of War 2 game directory. You will now see a file called "game.ini". Open that file with with any text editor program (notepad works fine) and change the entry that says "SmartPause=1" to say "SmartPause=0" (without any quotes). That should turn off the auto-pausing function.
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