Problems activating the game (Internal Server error) with Theatre of War 3

**Game Title(s) affected:** Theatre of War 3 - Korea If you are having problems with game activation after installing **Theatre of War 3 Korea**, such as an "Internal Server error" during activation, or if the game keeps asking you to activate, or if you have used the workaround to set the game to run with full admin permissions "Run as administrator", then please download the TOW3 Korea Hotfix from This tiny little hotfix will resolve a permissions issue with the installer which was leading to an error in saving your license state after activation. You do not need to have the game set to "Run as admin" anymore after applying this hotfix. If you have no problems in activating and playing this game, then please ignore this hotfix. It won't do any good and may do some harm. If you have no problems that the particular error does not apply to your setup or has already been fixed in the version of the game that you have!