My save game files seem to disappear?

**Game Title(s) affected:** all Theatre of War games Most likely you have run the game without 'Administrator rights'. When you do this, then UAC (User Account Control) is in effect and it will silently move any files that are written to any directory within the '\Program Files' directory to a 'VirtualStore' directory hidden in the user's account folder (Thank you Microsoft...). Open up the Windows Explorer file manager (Start/Windows Menu > All Programs > Accessories > 'Windows Explorer'). When this opens up go to the Menu and click on 'Organize'. Go to "Folder and search options". Click on the 'View' tab and in the 'Advanced settings' section under the 'Hidden files and folders' sub-section make the radio-button selection for 'Show hidden files and folders'. Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'. You should now be able to see hidden files and folders. Now browse to the following folder in your user account: '\Users\{your account name}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Battlefront\{game title}\{path to save game folder}' '{your account name}' is the account name that you logon to Windows Vista with. '{game title}' is the folder where you have installed the game '{path to save game folder}' is the location where your save games are being written to Another workaround to avoid this problem is to install the game into a different folder than "Program Files".
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