SCET and Windows Vista/7/8 compatibility hotfix

**Affected Game Title(s):** Strategic Command 1 - European Theater SCET has been coded in 2002, long before there was even a shade of Windows Vista on the horizon. In order to maintain compatibility with Windows Vista, you need to manually register the file 'dx7vb.dll' for Vista. You can download the file at To do this, you need to do the following after downloading the file: 1. Place the 'dx7vb.dll' file into their Strategic Command European Theater installation directory. Typically this would be C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Strategic Command European Theater 2. Go to Start and select Run 3. Type regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Battlefront\Strategic Command European Theater\dx7vb.dll". Please use the quotes, i.e. "", as indicated otherwise it may not find the appropriate path. 4. If you receive an 0x8007005 error message this means you do not have the appropriate permissions and will need to temporarily disable your User Account Control (UAC) and repeat step 3). You should refer to your Vista documentation for further instructions on the disabling and subsequent re-enabling of UAC 5. Re-enable UAC as desired once the dll is successfully registered.