License Key, Serial Number, Authorization Code??? Whaaat?

OK, this can be confusing sometimes, especially since some of these are interchangeable. Here is a list of the most important terms: **License Key (also known as Download Key, or Serial Number)** This is the most important key. It is, in fact, the one thing that you actually BUY when you purchase a game, because it represents (and unlocks) your user license. The License Key is emailed to you, and it is also saved in your online customer account at for downloadable games. For "mail only delivery" games, it is printed on the product itself. The License Key is the same key that you use to download the game with. If you are doing an Online Activation of your game after the first installation and launch, then this is the one (and only) code that you need to enter. The License Key is usually a 32 digit code for downloads, and 20 digit or shorter code for "mail only" products. **Authorization Request Code** This is a temporary code that you only need if you are doing a Manual Activation. If you select this option from the Activation window, and enter your License Key (Serial Number), then the next thing you will see is the Authorization Request Code. It is a 20 digit or shorter code. You need to enter this code (and your License Key) when submitting an activation request at After you do this, and if the codes you entered are correct and your key is available for an activation, you will get an Authorization Code (see below). **Authorization Code (also called Activation Code)** Our Helpdesk team will provide you with this code (20 digits again) if your manual authorization request was successful. You need to enter this code in the next (and final) step of the Manual Activation window in your game. After entering this code, and hitting the Next button, your game is unlocked. This temporary code is needed ONLY for Manual Activation, and nowhere else.