Introducing Battlefront's Online Activation System

Our new **Online Activation System** (OAS) helps us restrict illegal distribution of our intellectual property without being annoying or intrusive to the legitimate customer. Our Online Activation System is NOT a DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution, and unlike those, will not do anything behind your back, will not monitor your activities, nor will it require you to go online repeatedly. It merely helps us enforce our End User License Agreement; and once you have your game activated on a PC, no further interaction will be needed to play on that PC (nor can we ever revoke an activated copy of your game). The only user interaction with our OAS is when you first install and launch the game. Below is a general overview of how to activate a license, as well as a few general points about the number of activations you get (as per our End User License Agreement), and what to do if you need more or if you want to install/activate a game on a new PC. When you first run the game, after the initial install, you will be prompted to activate your copy In most cases all you need to do is: a) make sure the computer on which you have installed the game has an active online connection to the internet b) choose “Online Activation” from the dialog window b) enter your license key into the correct field. c) hit the “Activate” button and wait a few seconds while your license authorizes. If you wish to install the game on a computer which has no internet connection, you must perform what is called a “Manual License Request”. After launching the game: a) click on the “Manual Activation” button b) write down or memorize the Authorization Request Code presented to you c) on a computer that is connected to the internet, go to d) enter your License Key and the Authorization Request Code in the appropriate place e) write down or memorize the Authorization Code you get from our support team f) go back to the computer where the game is installed. Launch the game again and click on “Manual Activation”. Ignore the Request code and click on the Next button. Enter the Authorization Code from step e above Off-line licensing is also a good workaround for online computers which experience problems with a firewall, router or proxy settings and cannot establish an internet connection to the activation servers. **Additional activations** Our *End User License Agreement* allows you to have the game activated on one PC and one backup PC. Our online activation system enforces this limit, but will allow you two additional activations without asking questions (so called “overflow activations”). These Overflow Activations are meant to be used when you switch to a new PC and would like to continue playing the game there. *Note: there is no way to “unlicense” a previously activated copy on a PC. Which has the advantage that you can’t ever forget to do so :-)* In addition to the above 4 activations, you can add one extra activation to your key every 365 days. In order to do this, please point your browser to to ask our support team for a reset. *Note: If you forgot your login, go to “” to retrieve a new random password as well as your username in the same email. The username is called “user account” in the email.* If your key is eligible for an additional activation (e.g. if it was not already requested less than 365 days ago), then you’ll be notified of it and the activation is automatically added to your key, so you can use it again. Should you ever need an additional activation more than once within the 365 days period, then you can always contact our License Activation Support staff and explain the situation. *Please note: only the original version of a game is using our online activation system. If you have purchased your game elsewhere (e.g. in a store), then you probably have the retail version of the game, which is NOT using our online activation system (and hence what was said above does not apply to you).*