qtgui4.dll error (or other similar errors related to the qt.dll libraries)

This is a conflict between some other software you have that is using the qt.dll (QuickTime) libraries (probably outdated versions), and our game (which is using new versions). These are not compatible and Windows tries to load the wrong ones.

The permanent solution would be to uninstall that other software. Alternatively, there is a manual workaround to instruct Windows to load the right thing. Please follow these instructions:


This will let you see the Windows PATH environment variable. You need to add the absolute path to the affected game folder at the very beginning. This should force Windows to look for the qt libraries there first, and avoid the failure you are seeing.

If other software that is using the qt.dll libraries is affected by this change and fails, please update that other software. Chances are that newer versions will use updated, and compatible, qt.dll libraries.

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