Gameshield licensing vs. eLicense

As of January 1, 2011, all of Battlefront's new releases stopped using *eLicense*, and instead switched to our new custom *Online Activation System*. The first games released under this new system are Furysoftware's Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 The Great War, 1C Company's Theatre of War 3 - Korea, as well as our own new flagship game Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. Any new future releases (unless those specifically noted or those not using a protection at all, such as *Empires of Steel* or *TacOps*) will be using this new system. Any existing releases (i.e. games released before 1/1/11) will continue using eLicense for the time being. Patches switching the protection system from eLicense to our new custom Online Activation System may be released for free in the future for some games. Note that it does not matter when you purchased a game. What matters is the original release date. I.e., even if you bought a game after 1/1/11, if that game has originally been released in 2010 or earlier, it is using eLicense. (The only exceptions to this will be games that are specifically patched to switch the user from eLicense to our new Online Activation System.) This means, as you explore this Knowledgebase, that you must pay attention as to what system the article you are reading applies to. There are many similarities, but also some notable differences, between eLicense and our new OAS. Most notable are: - the new OAS does **not** require UNLICENSING - the new OAS does **not** include a Runservice.exe file - the new OAS doubles the number of allowed activations - the new OAS usually is not affected by DEP (Data Execution Prevention) settings For a more detailed list of differences, please see [this Knowledgebase article][1]. [1]:
Published on: 2014-07-18
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