CMSF won't launch

**Symptoms** - Clicking on the game shortcut does not seem to do anything or the screen goes blank for a moment and then goes back to the desktop. **Solution** - While the symptoms are the same, there are a couple of different root causes to this behavior, although they are all easy to fix. *Data Execution Prevention (DEP)* The most common cause for the game to not launch properly is because the eLicense System is not being permitted to launch on your computer. Its being prevented by something called Data Execution Prevention or DEP. To fix this, you have to manually adjust your computers DEP settings and the process to do that is explained in full from our [eLicense FAQ Guide][1]located here. *Conflict with the game intro movie* Another cause for the game to not launch properly has been identified as a system conflict with the intro movie. This file plays when the game is first loaded. The solution is to simply prevent the game from trying to launch that file which is located in the Data folder. You can do this by renaming the file from its default name of Intro.wmv to something else like Intro.bak. Since Combat Mission Shock Force v1.06, we have added an even easier solution to this problem with a new hotkey that can be pressed to toggle the video playback on or off. To do this, hold down the 'V' key at game startup and the intro video will no longer play when the game loads. This setting will be saved in the preferences file. On subsequent startups, you can press 'V' again to bring the video back. [1]: