Intel integrated graphics/video and CMBN, CMFI & CMSF

At this point (May 2011) we do NOT recommend trying to run CMBN/CMFI/CMSF with an Intel integrated graphics chip. Some may work, but many Intel integrated video chips will NOT WORK with CMBN/CMFI/CMSF.

NON-WORKING Intel integrated graphics are:

Intel 810 / 815G
Intel 845G
Intel 852G / 855GM
Intel 865G
Intel 910G / 915G   (Graphics Media Accelerator 900)
Intel 945G   (GMA 950)
Intel 946GZ / Q963 / Q965    (GMA 3000)
Intel G965    (GMA X3000)
Intel GL960 / GM965    (GMA X3100)
Intel G31 / G33 / Q33 / Q35    (GMA 3100)
Intel G35   (GMA X3500)
Intel Q43 / Q45 / B43    (GMA 4500)
Intel G41 / G43    (GMA X4500)
Intel G45    (GMA X4500HD)
Intel GL40 / GS40 / GM45 / GS45    (GMA 4500MHD) 

The following Intel integrated graphics MAY WORK. We don't currently guarantee that the following will work, but with the latest drivers under Windows 7 & 8 ( &, March 2013) some of these have worked. If you cannot use the latest Intel integrated video driver with your computer/laptop (and must rely on the manufacturer's provided drivers only), then you may very likely run into problems running CMBN/CMFI/CMSF at all:

Intel HD Graphics   
Intel HD Graphics 2000 
Intel HD Graphics 3000    
Intel HD Graphics 4000 

We have run into issues even with the latest drivers for the Intel HD series:

  • Graphical text is corrupted slightly, due to some internal driver routines.
  • CMBN's 3D screen may not show up initially, requiring you to 'Alt-Tab' out and then re-maximize.
  • 2D dialog boxes in the 3D screen may not show up at all (such as exiting CMBN, etc.).