International Shipments and Customs is shipping hardgoods from our central location in the US. **Transit Times** Typical transit times for each service can be found on We have no influence AT ALL on the transit times once the package leaves our warehouse, sorry. If for any reason your package gets delayed, please contact USPS directly. Every shipment has a Tracking Number (also called Package ID). USPS sends you an email with your tracking number when we hand off the package to them. If you didn't receive the email, then you can request your tracking no. from us by submitting a ticket. Don't forget to tell us your order number! **Customs Delays** Depending on the destination, international orders can have a delay in customs. This is not uncommon and can delay your package up to 4 weeks on top of the regular delivery time. We understand that this can be very annoying, but you will need to be patient. We are not responsible for any tariffs and taxes that may be charged by your respective government on international orders. This fee is charged by the country of destination; if you are unsure about your laws and regulations please contact your local postal agency prior to purchasing to find out the package value limit. UK - British Customs law requires that all applicable Taxes (VAT) as well as customs clearance fees must be paid for shipments entering the UK. ( At present, if an order has a total value of £18 or more, it will attract VAT (15%) and the International Handling fee by Royal Mail of £8). U.S. Customs Law prohibits merchants to claim GIFTS on purchased orders placed by international customers. We are also required by law to include all applicable charges and fees (such as the Shipping & Handling charge) in the international customs invoice. **Please do not ask us to break the law.**
Published on: 2014-07-16
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