My credit card was denied by "Anti-Fraud filters"!?

What this means is that our payment processing software has rejected your order (even if it may have otherwise been approved by your credit card company) because your address or security code does not match the address or code that is on file with your credit card company or bank. **Your credit card was not charged.** A "pre-authorization" may have been placed on the card (this is automatically done by the credit card company when a processing attempt is made; they are the ones "holding" the money, not us), but no charge was made (nor will be made). This "debit authorization" (that's what it usually says in the account, sometimes also "PRE-AUTH") is automatically removed by your credit card company/bank within 3-5 days. We have no access to your account to remove it. Please call the number on the back of your card to talk to your credit card service if you have questions about this. Please make sure you enter the correct street information (street number and street name) and the correct 3 digit security code in your billing address. If you are not sure what is on record with your credit card company, call them and make sure it is the correct info. The CSC code can be looked up on your card. If you would like to have goods shipped to a different address than where the credit card is registered (e.g. if you want us to ship to a PO Box), please enter an additional "Shipping Address" during the Checkout procedure, but the Billing Address info has to match the credit card that is being used. This additional anti-fraud security which Battlefront is paying for is for your and our security. Thank you for your understanding.
Published on: 2014-07-16
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