Where do I find my license key?

*Note: This FAQ entry only applies to games bought directly from www.battlefront.com. If you bought your game elsewhere, e.g. in a store or from some other website, please have a look at the FAQ entry called "How did I get my license key if I didn't buy from Battlefront?"* The license key is usually a 32 or 15 digit code with which you can activate your game after installation. The same key is also used to download the game (if applicable). The key should always be used exactly as printed, e.g. with dashes (if present). You will find the license key for all downloadable products in your **Account Maintenance** section after logging in. After logging in, click on "My Account". If you forgot your login, go to *www.battlefront.com/lostpw* and enter the email address you used for the purchase. You will get an email with a new random password and your username (the username is called "User account" in the same email). For "Mail Only" products, the key is printed on a label attached to the hardgoods, usually on the outside of the jewel case or DVD-box, or sometimes outside or inside the game manual (the actual location depends on the product). **It is NOT saved in your customer account.** **If you ordered a game before Oct 1st 2007**, then the only place to find your license key is in your order confirmation email or, if you saved the info, on the order confirmation page. Email sales@battlefront.com if you need your old code to be looked up. Please note however that we cannot guarantee that we're able to find your code. For some games, the license key is labelled Order ID in the elicense window by mistake. *Order ID* or *Download ID* or *License Key* or *License Code* all mean the same 32/15 digit key.
Published on: 2014-07-16
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