Returning customers login

If you are a returning customer, i.e. you already either purchased something from Battlefront (after Oct 1, 2007) or you have manually registered an account on the main site/store/repository (but not the forum - see below), then you will be asked to log into your Customer account during the Checkout process if you want to use the same email address again for your purchase. You don't *have to* use the same email address / customer account for purchases, but it makes sense to do so, as it makes easier to track all of our orders later on. If you forgot your login, [click here to find out how to retrieve it][1]. *Note: The Battlefront **community forum account** and your **main site/store/repository accounts** are **completely independent**. If you have one you do not automatically have the other, and the account details such as username and password can be completely different.* [1]:
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