I want to buy something! Do I have to register or login?

No, you don't! You do **not** have to login in order to make a purchase. *For first time customers, registration and logging in happens automatically during the Checkout process.* (If you are a returning customer, please check out this knowledgebase entry: [Returning Customer Login][1]) If you are a new customer, a customer account is created for you "on the fly", with your email address as your Username (see below), and a randomly generated Password. The password is emailed to said email address (see below). **You do not need to wait for the email however**: after the purchase you are already logged in and you can immediately browse to your Account Maintenance page ("My Account" at the top menu) and change both your username and your password (and all other details) immediately! Of course if you want, you CAN register a User account first before making a purchase (or even if you do not plan to make a purchse). You can do this using the link "Register new account". In that case you are free to choose which your Username and Password you want to use. * The Username can have only up to 25 letters! If your email address is longer than that, only the first 25 letters are used. Of course you can change your Username and Password later on. * If you do not receive an email with your password within a few minutes, please check your spam filters. It may be a good idea to add sales@battlefront.com to your address book and/or whitelist battlefront.com with your Internet Service Provider to ensure that our emails come through* [1]: http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/127835
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