How do I reinstall CMBN v3 without the All-In-One installer?

Due to the complexity of possible combinations of CMBN content we created an all-in-one installer for v3.0 customers. If you purchased v3.0 since the end of 2014 this article does not apply to you and you should instead view this article:

For customers using v1.0, v2.0, or earlier versions of v3.0 (prior to the end of 2014) this article should help with the reinstallation and licensing process. The following steps must be done in order. If you do not have a module listed below, simply skip that step:

1- install the base game, Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy. This will typically be v1.00 or v1.01.

2- (if available) install the Commonwealth Module. This will update your game to v1.10.

3- install the CMBN v1.11 patch. You can find it at

4a- if you have the 2.0 Upgrade & Market Garden Bundle, install it now and activate using your Bundle license key. Go to step 6.

4b- if you have the 2.0 Upgrade, install it now but do not activate if you have the 3.0 Upgrade. Otherwise activate using your 2.0 Upgrade licenses key.

5- if you have the stand alone Market Garden module (not the Bundle), install it now and activate it using your Market Garden license key. Otherwise skip this step.

6- visit the website and download the v2.12 All Inclusive patch and install it. If you do not have v3 then your reinstallation is complete and no further actions are required.

7- if you have the original 3.0 Upgrade (i.e. not the 10GB all-in-one), install it now but do not activate yet.

8- install the v3.11 patch downloaded from If you do not have the Vehicle Pack then activate using your 3.0 Upgrade license key. Using any other key will result in a failed activation.

9- if you the Vehicle Pack, install it now and then activate using the license key for the Pack.

10- at this point reinstallation is complete. Future patches can be applied without reactivation.

Note: It’s important to follow these steps and patch as the last step! This will ensure that your game and all modules are up to date; otherwise you may unintentionally downgrade your game to an older version by installing an older module.